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Bei Cosy

Bei Cosy

16th June – 8th July 2017
Open every Friday and Saturday from 5-11pm

Bei Cosy is a somewhere between an exhibition, a bar and a costume party, taking place over 4 weeks in the belly of RONGWRONG. The project will feature a roster of invited artists hosting events every Friday and Saturday night and a series of newly commissioned works entitled Fingerbekenntnisse. Taking its name from a celebrated bar in Munich run by the artist Cosy Pièro from 1962-82, the project will pay homage to her work, the significance of her bar and its active position in the sexual politics of the time.
Although many of the patrons of Bei Cosy are today celebrated figures or have faded into obscurity – together they represent an essential yet fragile history, a complex interwoven web of art, sex, inclusion/exclusion, gender identity and sociability. It is these moments that become ‘lost’ or forgotten within mainstream historical accounts. This new Bei Cosy is intended to critically address the role social spaces play in our social, sexual, artistic and political lives – creating a new context for particular histories and archival material to emerge amongst new works and an intergenerational community of artists.

The concept of Bei Cosy is by Philipp Gufler and Richard John Jones in collaboration with Cosy Pièro, Sands Murray-Wassink and Laurie Cluitmans.


Invited Artists:
AA Bronson, Johannes Büttner,
 Johanna Gonschorek, Philipp Gufler, Caspar Jade Heinemann, Fabian Hesse, Richard John Jones,
 Evelyn Taocheng Wang and Sands Murray-Wassink.

This series of newly commissioned works depart from an infamous series of drawings that Pièro made for her bar that were seized under obscenity laws in Munich in 1963 and were most likely destroyed. The drawings depicted cats with women's heads and huge breasts engaged in a variety of acts with one another. Through the commissions, the invited artists have been asked to respond to these lost works of Pièro as a gesture of solidarity whilst also reinventing and reimaging these works from their own perspectives.

These Fingerbekenntnisse are shown together with a new work by Pièro in the bar designed specially for Rongwrong by Johannes Büttner, Gufler and Jones.


Saturday 17th June
VERA HOFMANN: We keep losing our spaces but we still hold [on to] each other

Friday 23rd June
LAURIE CLUITMANS: With the taste of a poison paradise

Saturday 24th June
from 17:00
JULIKA RUDELIUS: The legendary spaces of encounter... then
PHILIPP GUFLER: Indirect Contact (Chapter 1 - 6)

Friday 30th June
from 17:00
JULIKA RUDELIUS – The legendary spaces of encounter... then
from 21:00

Saturday 1st July
JL DIANTHUS: I wanna be fanus

Friday 7th July

Saturday 8th July
SANDS MURRAY-WASSINK: Non – Transcendent horse performance

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Made possible with the generous support of the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and in cooperation with De Ateliers, Amsterdam.

Binnen Bantammerstraat 2
1011CK Amsterdam

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